Welcome to Vacuum tube audio!

Why Vacuum Tubes for Audio? Because they sound great! They can provide warmer, more pleasant tones for a human ear. And moreover, the music atmosphere is unbelievable live! Hard rock guitar riffs are more sharp, drums more dynamic, jazz is more playful, or one feel as he is sitting directly in front of the philharmonic orchestra at his private concert. Vacuum Tube Audio is simply a breathtaking experience! Expensive? Not! I have good news for you: It is so easy to build it by yourself. For a pinch cost of the commercial stuff. Really! Please browse my site and find useful hints towards your own Audiophile System.

Short History of My Tube Projects

I have started development of Vacuum Tube Audio devices in late 2001 as a project for Slovak National Secondary School Competition of Electronic Devices. I have cooperated with two my friends, co-authors: Sebastian Kočiš and Lukáš Kreheľ.The first version of Power Amp was created by me, the first version of preamp by Sebastian while Lukáš was defending the project on final Slovak competition as I was with Sebastian abroad. We have succeeded! We won First Prize! In 2002 and 2003 I have redesigned both power amp and preamp by myself and have attended to Expo Science International (ESI) 2003 in Moscow with the facelifted project. Nowadays, after almost 7 years of successful operation of both devices I have decided to publish technical documentation of thier second facelifted version.



Theory of Operation of the ECL86 PREAMP and E34L POWER AMP


Single Ended Class A 300B Power Amp