Techology Experiences



Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Internet, Design of Web Pages, Adobe Photoshop, Corel DRAW


ANSI C, AVR assembler, x51 assembler, KEIL uVision for ARM & x51 MCUs, Freescale CodeWarrior for HCS08 & Coldfire MCUs, ATMEL AVR Studio for AVR MCUs, Cortex M0,1,3 MCUs


VHDL, Quartus for ALTERA FPGAs, NIOS II Softcore Processor, Libero for ACTEL FPGAs, CoreMP7 SoftCore Processor, ISE and EDK for XILINX FPGAs, MicroBlaze Softcore Processor, Mentor Graphic ModelSim,

PCB Design:

OrCAD SPICE, OrCAD Capture, OrCAD Layout Plus, LSD2000, Altium Designer


PCI Express, Matlab, ZigBee wireless networking, Analog & Digital electronics, Labview